Mademoiselle Antoine

I’m 20 something years old trying to get into the Fashion and Entertainment Industry. Which is very hard to consider the fact everyone in the world who wants to be famous for being famous. I am not suprise about that.

Well Most of the blog post will be based on Fashion and Music and Yes! I love music and explore different type of genre from House music to Dubstep to Undeground hip hop to Neo-soul to Jazz and all between and Fashion it goes hand to hand when it comes to Music.

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Please email at Awesome projects coming up this summer: Street Style photo shoots Collaboration with UK Fashion bloggers…
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Question of The Night!

Question of The Night!

Dear Mademoiselle Antoine

What qualities do you find most attractive in men? Is there such a thing as too much fashion sense when you think about qualities in mates? Rock on Dear.

From Steve K

There is not such as thing as too much fashion sense. Just dress to impress!

Dear Steve K

Wow! That’s a very good question. What qualities do I find most attractive in Men, I like a guy who has great…

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I add a little twist for my page. I am going let my readers ask  me any questions about anything and yes including sex questions…

Albino models setting the trend for Africa

Albino models setting the trend for Africa

Originally posted on MADE IN AFRICA | PROMOTE FOR GOOD™:

_63740811_dsc_0101-version3 Backstage amidst the chaos of Africa Fashion Week in the South African city of Johannesburg one woman sits quietly in a corner.

Other models and designers from across the continent dash from one end of the tent to the other – there seems to be an unofficial competition to see who can make the most noise. Yet despite her silence, US…

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Let Me Be Happy For Me: Personal Views on Marriage

Let Me Be Happy For Me: Personal Views on Marriage

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to get marry to the special guy that would appreciate me for who I am. As a single 25 year old woman, I am starting to realized that  I am really having a hard time trying to put myself out there. I am having a hard time finding the right guy to settle down with. I tried online dating but it was a complete failure since most of the guys on the…

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Love & Hip-Hop’s Mimi Faust ‘sex tape’: The Kim Kardashian Model doesn’t work for black women

Love & Hip-Hop’s Mimi Faust ‘sex tape’: The Kim Kardashian Model doesn’t work for black women

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Mademoiselle Antoine:

The Kim Kardashian Model will never work for Black women Period. Thank you Mimi to make the rest of black women look like complete whores.

Originally posted on theGrio:

Sometimes, I wonder why people don’t want to win at life, business and their pursuit of happiness.

Today, TMZ announced that a sex tape starring Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlantainfamy would be…

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Today is the last season of my favorite TV show MAD MEN with that I will not be posting on Sundays until Season Finale is over

Men’s Fashion of The 80s

Men’s Fashion of The 80s

Okay Folks! I am doing a decades of Men’s Fashion.

This post is about 80s Fashion. I was born in 1988s which makes me a late 80s baby

The Years of Punk Rock, Yuppies ( Young Professional guys working the Wall St), Hip Hop ( Beastie Boys, RUN DMC etc)

Oh Yeah Gay Men Run the 80s!

Yes Yuppies!

Daddy Kane! Yes, That the years of Golden Hip Hop.

Fresh Prince ( Will Smith), Dj Jazzy Jeff, Heavy…

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I have not keep up with my blog for a while.

I’ve been busy with school, career, and trying to get my own apartment as the same time.

I will be attending a lot of events this coming month.on the behalf of  for company I am working for and  for  Mademoiselle

I love what I do but I am get so nervous as Fashion PR Assistant because I want to impress my boss for my hard work and see I…

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Happy Birthday to Queen Maya Angelou It’s funny that I have to write a paper about poem “Men”